[Seaside] Degrading Remove Button

Joel Turnbull joel.turnbull at ardishealth.com
Fri Oct 2 16:46:49 UTC 2009

I have a remove button that I'd like to pop a js confirmation dialog.

I'd like the button to degrade so that if js is disabled, the user will be
taken to a separate confirmation page, ala the WAComponent confirm:

Here's the closest I've gotten

html submitButton
  onClick: 'return confirm(''Are you sure you wish to remove', aFoo
  callback: [ self confirm: 'Are you sure you wish to remove', aFoo name,'?'
  with: each value

The problem with that is, the result of the js confirmation returning true
is the callback, which is another confirmation.

It seems like I need a separate callback to handle the result of the js
confim. Is that doable? Any other ideas?

I played around with the WAAsyncComponent onClickCallback: but that didn't
seem to do what I expected.

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