[Seaside] passing additional parameters to an anchor callback

Johan Brichau johan.brichau at uclouvain.be
Mon Oct 5 19:45:39 UTC 2009


I am looking for a way to pass additional data in an anchor callback.  
Is that possible?

In the application I am building, there is a fair amount of javascript  
behavior on the client side and I often need to pass some javascript  
values when requests need to go back to the Seaside server  
application. In the particular code snippet below, I achieve this  
functionality by passing those values via an ajax call and have the  
callback block use those values. However, I'm not fond of that code  
since the values are required in the callback and not in the  
components themselves.

So my question is: can I make the callback block be called with values  
in the same way that I can pass on values to an ajax call (as in  
Or am I seeing this completely wrong and is there a better way?

html anchor
	onClick: (html jQuery ajax
				trigger: [ :values | .... sets the values in the components ... ]
  				passengers: (html jQuery ...));
	callback: [ ... does something that needs the values .... ];

Johan Brichau
johan.brichau at uclouvain.be

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