[Seaside] Gantt diagram with seaside

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Oct 5 20:59:44 UTC 2009

 >I think to rendering some basic bar graph for  rendering Gantt  
 >Anyone can advise how i can do it ?
 >Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Depends on the platform (client as well as server side).

VW has EyeSee. That's really nice, but would take
some time to port, as it is tightly coupled to its graphical model.  
Lukas started
porting it to Squeak and I spend a few days on it at ESUG2008.

In Pharo/Squeak you can just use Form and draw using the canvas.

Ken Treis is working on getting CairoGraphics working in Gemstone and  

Gerhard Obermann wrote a wrapper for Raphael a few days ago.


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