[Seaside] Update an image with AJAX/Comet (server push)

Jochen ich at nichtich.com
Tue Oct 6 23:44:24 UTC 2009

>> Can anybody explain this strange behavior? Or does someone have another idea
>> how I can update an image with server push (without user input or site
>> reload)? I would be very very happy to get some new ideas! - It's an
>> important part of my master thesis..
> In the first case (when you press the button) you are in the context
> of a session, thus the application is also know. In the second case
> the application is not know, presumably because you call the method
> from some background thread.
> Probably you could avoid the error by somehow faking a session so that
> the URL could be generated the usual way. Alternatively you could
> register the URL yourself with your application object by navigation
> through the dispatcher to the application.
> Hope this helps,
> Lukas
Thank you Lukas! I've spend the whole day with digging deeper into 
Seaside but unfortunately I couldn't find a solution yet. I was neither 
able to get a link into the current session context nor faking another 
session. I just don't know how to do it. I also tried your other idea to 
register the URL myself. But then I've no idea how I could get this work 
with Comet to update the image on my website. Maybe - if you've some 
time - you could give me some more help with this... 
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