[Seaside] [event,german,Munich] Invitation

Bernd Elkemann elkemann at web.de
Wed Oct 7 10:18:52 UTC 2009

For people in the area around Munich, Germany there will be a 
"Stammtisch" meeting in german in the pub "Laab"  
(http://www.laab-muenchen.de/) on October 21 at 18:30 .  If you would 
like to come, if you want to be kept posted please drop a line to 
<Steffen.Mueller at viskonz.de>

The following persons have said they will tell us about their products.
Sebastian Heidbrink, Tricept AG
Marco Leberfing (QueryVision), VisKonz GmbH
Josef Springer, SmallCOM/X
Joachim Tuchel, VA Smalltalk

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