[Seaside] [ANN] Seaside 3.0a5

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 22:06:59 UTC 2009

We are happy to announce the release of Seaside 3.0a5.

The first thing you will notice is that, as announced at ESUG, we have
changed the naming from 2.9 to 3.0. This is the same line of
development but we felt that the improvements in architecture
justified increasing the major version number. Seaside 3.0 will
provide a solid base for more incremental changes moving forward. We
expect that this will be the final alpha release before moving to

Bugs fixed and major changes since 2.9a4 are listed under "Closed Issues" below.

1. The Seaside Builder

As with the previous release, the easiest way to load it is to use the
Seaside Builder to load the Seaside 3.0 packages you want into any
recent Pharo image. Do not try to load into an image that already
contains Seaside 2.8, such as the Pharo-web images.


While it is theoretically possible to upgrade a 2.9a4 image to this
release using Monticello, we don't recommend it. Figuring what order
to load all the packages can be tricky and you can quickly find
yourself in a mess.

Please note, that the package Seaside-Tools-OmniBrowser requires a
recent installation of OmniBrowser, such as 2.0.3. You should load
this before loading Seaside as the the Builder does not currently load
it for you.

2. Things to be aware of

Please remember that this is an Alpha release and things are still
subject to change.

You'll find a list of current migration issues at

3. When things go wrong

If you run into problems, please let us know using the issue tracker
at <http://code.google.com/p/seaside/issues/list> or through the
mailing list.

4. Closed Issues

Issue 406: incremental load test failures after loading Environment tests
Issue 407: JQuery slider demo is broken
Issue 411: MNU when starting a comanche adaptor with WAKom
Issue 412: entry points can be registered in to Dispatchers at once
and the parent is wrong in one
Issue 413: setting current request is spread around the codebase
Issue 401: replace Character class >> #value: with  Character class >>
Issue 419: WARequest missing http version
Issue 371: improper encoding in 2.9a3
Issue 422: WAChoiceDialog specifying the default selected item
Issue 426: Broken link on seaside.st
Issue 424: WAUrl doesn't remember trailing slash
Issue 431: CTPusher>>#javascript: is broken after Javascript
#renderContext and #rendererClass refactoring
Issue 429: Scriptaculous and JQuery Demos
Issue 116: Improve profiler on Squeak
Issue 357: Almost imposible to create a functonal SUUpdater without
using the 'html'
Issue 430: Screenshot application broken in the latest Pharo
Issue 89: Provide an AJP connector
Issue 398: default quality of WAAccpet should be 1
Issue 437: WASession >> #updateRoot: shouldn't do any HTML
Issue 352: WAUrlEncodingFunctionalTest broken on Swazoo
Issue 433: Rename "-Squeak" to "-Pharo" in Package names
Issue 439: Support JSON dictionary serialization
Issue 440: provide access to unconsumed path elements
Issue 428: loading an image seems to start all server adaptors
Issue 416: add WARegistry>>handlers? (and WAApplication>>sessions?)
Issue 445: WABasicFormTag does not honour character encoding setting
Issue 450: Cure from swine flu
Issue 420: no tests for #readFrom:
Issue 361: Click on Start button in the empty Seaside control panel gives DNU
Issue 215: Several packages have soft dependencies on the Session package
Issue 409: Component package should not depend on Canvas package
Issue 301: add control panel command to clear config cache
Issue 423: 2 tests for WAPlatform current readWriteStream fail
Issue 309: WACurrentSessionContinuationTest
Issue 384: WAClosureFunctionalTest "go with ensure"
Issue 448: remove name from WAEntryPoint
Issue 235: WAExternalFileLibraryTest>>testPathForRequest fails on windows
Issue 427: Right mouse button doesn't work in Seaside one-click 2.8.4 Windows
Issue 446: One-Click settings are wrong
Issue 457: add /seaside redirect handler
Issue 432: Tutorial is outdated
Issue 418: WARequest missing 'body'
Issue 456: WADispatcherComponentTest >> #testNestedDispatcher fails
Issue 458: Need a functional test for WARequest>>body
Issue 442: Server manager doesn't detect failed adaptor startup
Issue 459: Incorrect reference to Pharo Browser class on Seaside-Development
Issue 460: Prototype #triggerForm: is broken
Issue 464: WARequest>>bodyDecoded sends unimplemented
#bodyAsStringUsing: message
Issue 468: Use of Delay on CTPusher class>>startUp and pingProcess
Issue 470: add conditional comment support for IE 8
Issue 463: WAXmlRoot sends #defaultCharSet ... not implemented
Issue 465: RRRfc822DateTime>>encodeOn: should use English locale date
names on all platforms
Issue 461: WAUrl >> #encodeOn: assumes HTML
Issue 454: remove parent from WAEntry point
Issue 217: WACollectionAttribute
Issue 477: multiple copies of timing filter and and deprecation filter added

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