[Seaside] Dumb Question: How to render new state after ajax callbacks?

Richard Durr richard.durr at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 15 12:23:42 UTC 2009

Hello :)

For simplification, let's say I have two Components, Component1 and
Component2, with the following methods:
Component1>>renderContentOn: html
html heading: 'Component1'.
html anchor
callback: [self call: Component2 new];
with: 'Call Component 2'

Component2>>renderContentOn: html
html heading: 'Component2'.
html anchor
callback: [self answer.];
with: 'Answer'.
html anchor
url: '#';
onClick: (html jQuery ajax callback: [self answer.]);
with: 'Answer using AJAX'

When I click on the Answer using AJAX link Component2 answers but oviously
the page stays the same, even when I reload and does not reflect the new
state of the application where Component2 has answered. How can I
re-synchronize server side and client side after this situation occured such
that the page reflects the new state, where Component2 has answered?

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