[Seaside] Dumb Question: How to render new state after ajax callbacks?

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Thu Oct 15 12:32:25 UTC 2009

Hi Richard,

you can't do that with Ajax easily. The problem is that during an AJAX 
callback you're actually rendering and not in the normal callback phase.
You could however register a callback that does the answer and send 
Javascript back to the browser to make the browser jump to the 
callback's url. However, that's a bit tricky :-)

Kind Regards

Am 15.10.09 14:23, schrieb Richard Durr:
> Hello :)
> For simplification, let's say I have two Components, Component1 and 
> Component2, with the following methods:
> Component1>>renderContentOn: html
> html heading: 'Component1'.
> html anchor
> callback: [self call: Component2 new];
> with: 'Call Component 2'
> Component2>>renderContentOn: html
> html heading: 'Component2'.
> html anchor
> callback: [self answer.];
> with: 'Answer'.
> html anchor
> url: '#';
> onClick: (html jQuery ajax callback: [self answer.]);
> with: 'Answer using AJAX'
> When I click on the Answer using AJAX link Component2 answers but 
> oviously the page stays the same, even when I reload and does not 
> reflect the new state of the application where Component2 has 
> answered. How can I re-synchronize server side and client side after 
> this situation occured such that the page reflects the new state, 
> where Component2 has answered?
> RD
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