[Seaside] Seaside Sessions in a Blog Server

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Sat Oct 17 16:09:54 UTC 2009


there's this constant example of building a blog server with whatever 
web framework. If you try to build a real webserver in Seaside you've 
got to handle sessions somewhat properly. If you view a post and have a 
comment input field then the session will be started when you open the 
post. After reading through a very lengthly post the session is probably 
times out. After writing a lengthly comment it's certainly timed out. If 
the user submits the comment after the session is timed out, his comment 
is lost.

The easiest way to handle this is to set the session timeout to maybe a 
day or so. However, i'd rather use a short session time to not have tons 
of sessions in the image. What would be the right way to handle that 
kind of situations? I guess this could be done in initialRequest:, but 
how do you figure out which callback-numbers match which input field?

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