[Seaside] Seaside 3.0 in Pharo

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Sep 2 22:08:39 UTC 2009

As you all know from ESUG or planet.smalltalk.org blogs the
Seaside 2.9 framework is now continuing as Seaside 3.0.

Since Pharo is now used as the main dev platform for seaside some
packages where renamed from "XYZ-Squeak" to "XYZ-Pharo".

The project is now also hosted on a new repository


the old seaside 2.9 repository is now renamed to:


To directly load Seaside 3.0 into Pharo Core/Pharo dev I:

 - adapted the package "LoadOrderTest" in the "Seaside30"
   repository to use the new repository and ask for 3.0 
   instead of 2.9 (the package switch from "Squeak" to "Pharo" was
   already integrated by James Foster here).

   LoadOrderTest is used by a Pharo ScriptLoader script 
   to load the latest Seaside into Pharo.

 - created issue for Pharo to adapt ScriptLoader

 - fixed issue 1147 with ScriptLoader-TorstenBergmann.1031.mcz
   in the pharo inbox (deprecating #loadSeaside29 and providing

If this gets integrated into a new core image one can then 
again easily evaluate: 

    ScriptLoader loadOB.
    ScriptLoader loadSeaside30

to get the latest and greatest for web development.

Have fun

BTW: Tested in latest Pharo core #10430
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