[Seaside] Problem isolating a recaptcha component

Sebastian Van Lacke svanlacke at caesarsystems.com
Thu Sep 10 18:05:05 UTC 2009

Hil list, 

I have ported the recaptcha compontent to Squeak, adapting the Norbert Harlt version for Gemstone and using it for a registration task, and I am having a problem with the isolate support.

    | participant |
     self isolate: [
         participant := self call: STsRegistrationForm new.
         self call: STsHumanValidator new.
    self call: (STsRegistrationResult new participant: participant ).

The HumanValidator component has the receptacha component embeded. Once the user has completed correctly the form and the recaptacha has validated the challenge, 
the task will display a result page, indicating the succesfully registration of the participant.
Then when the user goes back with browser the user should be redirected to the result component.
That is what I expect to happens, but not. The user is redirected to an empty page. If I disable the recaptcha component everything works fine. 
I supose the problem is related with the request do it internally by the the recaptcha component to the recaptcha web service. But I can't understand what exactly happens.

Someone undertand what happens?

Norbert, have you used the recaptcha inside the #isolate: method??


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