[Seaside] More on Squeak scalability, and a question concering Pharo and Cog.

Joseph Harrison stoicdeveloper at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 13 02:30:15 UTC 2009

I appreciated the helpful replies to my last post, the one on scalability.

I am leaning towards Pharo + Seaside and GLORP + PostgreSQL. I don't really have
much experience with Pharo, but from playing around with it, it resembles the
way my custom Squeak images always seem to end up (with the Polymorph widgets,
eCompletion, OmniBrowser, and so on), so it makes sense to just start with Pharo
rather than trying to make Squeak into Pharo. Two things concern me about using
either Squeak or Pharo: first, the current VM is kind of slow, but Cog seems
like it will go a long way towards fixing that. Second, memory consumption. A
fully-stocked Pharo image takes up ~40MB. However, a little Googling revealed
that a fully-stocked Python and Django process requires at least ~30MB, which
isn't that much better, and I am guessing that a lot of stuff (dev tools, for
example) can be ripped out of the image to slim it down (and more so as Pharo
becomes more modular).

Does Eliot, Andreas or anyone else have any estimate on when Cog will be ready
for production use with Pharo? Also, I have no experience with GLORP or with
using PostgreSQL from Squeak. Are there any major show-stopping issues I should
be made aware of, or does this combination work well enough?

Thank you for the help.

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