[Seaside] Deploying a big Squeak/Pharo Seaside application

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 20:29:46 UTC 2009

Hi folks: First of all, please if someone answers this mail do it to all as
I have cc Gerardo.

After ESUG talks I was imagining a way to deploy big seaside applications.
Something like this architecture:

Image: The KernelImage that Pavel did. For Pharo it is something like 3MB I
think. If you add morphic you can then use the VNC and I think it is 5MB.
Then we should load there seaside, the dependencies and all of our code.

With this, I can have one real server with a host OS and use VMWare for
example to have N number of SqueakNOS images. Each of the SqueakNOS image
can have in addition, M number of images running at the same time.
Finally we can have a cluster of real pcs and just drag and drop our
SqueakNOS VMWare images from one pc to another.

So...I wonder:

¿Is this a good idea?
¿Should this have better performance than just having several images running
in the same pc?
¿Are there any advantages or disadvantages with this approach?

I don't have any big seaside application at all, but I was just thinking


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