[Seaside] Re: Deploying a big Squeak/Pharo Seaside application

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 02:31:25 UTC 2009

Ok. Thanks both of you for the comments and answers.
It was in my mind and I was needing to ask that to someone else haha.



On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Gerardo Richarte <gera at corest.com> wrote:

> Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:
> > After ESUG talks I was imagining a way to deploy big seaside
> > applications. Something like this architecture:
> >
> > SqueakNOS
> > SqueakVM
> > Image: The KernelImage that Pavel did. For Pharo it is something like
> > 3MB I think. If you add morphic you can then use the VNC and I think
> > it is 5MB. Then we should load there seaside, the dependencies and all
> > of our code.
> Heh, I love the idea, but saddly, I have to say, that if it's for
> performance, this would not be my chosen option... not at all :(
> Squeak: slow interpreted VM, at least until something better sees the
> light.
> VMWare: adds an extra layer of resource management to the OS, inevitably
> slows things down
> SqueakNOS: Not the fastest OS you'll see out there, even if we had a fast
> VM
> In any case, a better scenario would be just using SqueakNOS, no OS, no
> VMWare, and serve multiple apps from the same seaside, however,
> SqueakNOS is not ready for this, at all today, for it lacks support for
> most network cards and hard disks, to start with.
> For fast Seaside hosting I would recomend either VisualWorks or, of
> course, Gemsstone/GLASS. You can find performance graphs for GLASS in
> Dale's blog, and although I have not seen any VisualWorks graphs I guess
> that's going to be good too. And probably the same goes for
> VisualSmalltalk, although there is no supported Seaside for Visual
> Smalltalk :)
> Again, I still like a lot the idea, and hopefully in the future we can
> come back to it and make it real, but today, I'm totally sorry to be me
> who has to say that SqueakNOS is not an option :(
>    richie
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