[Seaside] Re: iCal to Drupal requires Content-Encoding: gzip

bobn at rogers.com bobn at rogers.com
Tue Sep 22 14:16:01 UTC 2009

Thanks for the replies.

>It is unlikely that Drupal needs the content as gzip. 
>Have you compared the actual data? Does the format and encoding match? 
Yup.  From what we can see the Google and our iCal files are the same format.  
I even added things like timezone headers (copied from Google), which are optional in the iCal spec. 

>Do you use CR LR and not just LF or CR? 
Both contain CR after the file is saved.

>Are you sure content-length matches the lenght of your content? 
Yes.  Content-Length: 10944 
'C:\Documents and Settings\bnemec\My Documents\events.ics' asFilename contentsOfEntireFile size = 10944

>Have you tried returning the same thing as Google just without gzip (and a correct content-lenght). 
That's the only way I'm able to make it work at all, as a non-zipped file.  
Answering a gzip file is just not working yet ... I'd like to understand how to do that, even though it's not the likely cause of this problem. 

> Have you tried dropping the content-disposition header? 
Working on that one... as suggested by Boris. 

>Aren't you sending it as an attachment and google simply serving it in the contents? 
>I see the following header in your response, but not in Google's? 
>I agree with Philippe, it's very unlikely that gzipping is your problem.
>Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=events.ics
I see.  The browser responds to both the Google feed and our own by asking if you want to save or open the file, so I assumed that just answering the iCal data in HTML would not suffice.  I tried using just 'html html: self iCalData', which the browser displayed in place (vs. an open or download option). It also did not work with Drupal. 

Is there another way to answer the iCal contents without the 'Content-Dispostion'?  
What other tool can I use to view the raw data feed from the Google iCal URL? 

Also, I'm not sure how robust the Drupal code is, which is why we tried the gzip download.  It may just expect it.  I can find not documentation on the internals or on the expected feed details. 

BTW: Sorry for posting the original question twice; had some email & Nabble problems. 

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