[Seaside] RE: iCal to Drupal requires Content-Encoding: gzip

bobn at rogers.com bobn at rogers.com
Tue Sep 22 14:46:05 UTC 2009

>Quick search reveals something called #useGZipTransfer and
>#useGZipTransfer:, perhaps you could just set that property on a Seaside
>adaptor? If not, Apache proxying your Seaside server can do compression
>for you (you may need to turn off HTTP chunking of responses).
Our production Seaside is proxied by Apache, but for testing we just use Seaside server. I did turn off chuncking (wget was having issues with it on). 
I did see how #useGZipTransfer was referenced, but I don't understand how to set it. 
How do you set #useGZipTransfer: to true in a Seaside adaptor?

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