[Seaside] cookies

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Sep 22 16:57:30 UTC 2009

>>> Can't I add a cookie to a given response without asking the browser to
>>> make a new request?
>> In Seaside 2.8 that's not possible because we don't have access to the
>> response. In Seaside 3.0 this is possible. If you want/need it in
>> Seaside 2.8 you'll probably want to add them to your session, add them
>> to the response in #returnResponse: and then nil them out.
> Thank for the answer. I think I will do a redirect until I have no other
> option.

It's fairly trivial to do what you want in 2.8 just by adding a couple 
things to your session class.  Something like...

	super initialize.
	responseBlocks := OrderedCollection new.

onResponse: aBlock
     responseBlocks add: aBlock

returnResponse: aResponse
	responseBlocks do: [:e | e value: aResponse ].
	responseBlocks removeAll.
	^ super returnResponse: aResponse

Then from your component whenever you want to add something to or do 
something with the response, you just do...

self session onResponse: [ :r |
   r addCookie: (WACookie key: #visited value: 'true') ].

Or maybe...

self session onResponse: [ :r | r forbidden ]

Ramon Leon

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