[Seaside] iCal feed to Drupal

bobn at rogers.com bobn at rogers.com
Thu Sep 24 20:58:48 UTC 2009

Turns out our issues with providing an iCal feed to Drupal were caused by Seaside code in VW. 
The current one-click Pharo image works fine.  I tried it with a simple test... 

renderContentOn: html
 | response doc string | 
 string := self iCalText.
 doc := string asMIMEDocumentType: 'text/calendar;charset=utf-8'.
 response := WAResponse new.
  contentType:  'text/calendar; charset=UTF-8';
  nextPutAll: doc content;
 response doNotCache.
 self session returnResponse: response.

...the same code used in VW causes a one minute delay before the response, for which a retry is sent, and that adds up to a two minute delay before Drupal responds.  I'll try more recent Seaside code for VW, but the problem is related to Drupal sending a HTTP/1.0 request. 

Eventually, you end up in SeasideHttpBuildHandler>>safelyRead:from:into: which waits on #atEnd sent to Net.BodyStream (which wraps an ExternalReadStream on a 20480 element ByteArray).  The browser HTTP/1.1 request does not trigger this code.

It would be interesting to hack this down to the root cause, but I'd rather try the beta 3.0 VW code first.  I've burned a bit too much time on this already (it was really nice seeing Pharo work out of the box; nicely done).

Thanks again for everyone's help, 

Bob Nemec
Cherniak Software

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