[Seaside] Problems with my dishwasher.. I mean.. Comet

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You're suggesting long polling (correct term?) with periodic ajax requests?


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> Subject: Re: [Seaside] Problems with my dishwasher.. I mean.. Comet
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> > The first is, how do the pushers work? I tried throwing references to one
> > around to just one, but I think it actually needs to be rendered to the page
> > (load script) as per the example.
> Pushers send Javascript code to all connected clients.
> > And the last one for now ;) is how can I restrict relevent data to the
> > sessions that "care" about it?
> > If a client pushes some javascript, but only
> > a few other clients need that javascript, I would prefer to only give that
> > script to those clients, or am I thinking on the wrong lines here?
> Currently there is no support for filtering or sending messages to
> particular sessions only, although that would be technically easily
> possible. We need to improve the Comet package to be able to do that.
> For now your application could provide multiple pushers and sessions
> register to the one they are interested in.
> > Should I do something more along the lines of the CTCounter example where,
> > when something in the data structure changes, then the clients can choose to
> > do something about it?
> Personally I suggest (although the demo examples don't do this) that
> you use Comet only to notify about changes, not to transport large
> amounts of data. Like this the clients can decide themselves what they
> want to do and request the actual update from the server if they need
> it.
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