[Seaside] Re: Magritte class MAFileUploadComponent is broken

John Chludzinski john.chludzinski at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 18:30:13 UTC 2010

> Yes, that was the case up until recently. I used and deployed Seaside
> 2.9 and Magritte 1 in the past year. However as of now, Magritte 1
> seems not to work that well anymore with the latest version of Seaside 3.
> If you use a recent version of Seaside 3 I strongly suggest that you
> also update to the latest Magritte 2 from
> http://source.lukas-renggli.ch/magritte2. Magritte 2 has seen quite
> some adaption in the past months and various fixes had been
> integrated. I think Magritte 2 should now be used by default when
> using Seaside 3.

Finally got around to trying this and installed:

(I didn't see a Magritte-All).

and got a walkback with "My subclass should have overridden

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