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On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Philippe Marschall <
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> 2010/4/6 John McKeon <p3anoman at gmail.com>:
> > I have an application that uses a custom IE plugin (VisualWorks). On the
> > page with the plugin, I render a form  with hidden inputs each having a
> > callback action that gets performed by the plugin. I feed the callback
> > parameters to the plugin in its params and it uses these to send a POST
> back
> > to the server with the necessary data and _s and _k parameters.
> > The callbacks get called correctly but I cannot figure out what I need to
> do
> > in the callback methods to get the component to re-render. Is there a way
> to
> > do this? The browser status bar indicates that the "POST was redirected
> by
> > the server". Trying to use call: or inform: does nothing. This is a 2.8
> > application.
> You shouldn't really have to do anything. Seaside should send a
> response with an empty body that contains the URL of the rendered
> result in a Location header. The browser should then issue a GET
> request to this page.
> The communication should look something like this:
> Browser: POST
> Seaside: -> see render page (302)
> Browser: GET
> Seaside: rendered page
> Thank you for that info Phillipe. That is exactly what I needed. I realized
that I would probably need to perform a GET somewhere, this tells me exactly
how to figure out what it is I need to send back in my GET request. Because
it is the plugin that retrieves the initial response it doesn't work as
automagically as the browser which is why nothing happens after my initial
Thanks again.

> Cheers
> Philippe
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