[Seaside] Sortable refresh?

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Wed Apr 14 10:16:52 UTC 2010

In the jQuery-UI sortable demo, how do I refresh the drawn list?  
(Seaside 3.0a5).
In addition of rendering the listitem with: each, I want to render its  
position in the
list. Sortable has a refresh, that doesn't behave as I thought it would.


	html unorderedList
		script: (html jQuery new sortable
			onStop: (html jQuery ajax
				callback: [ :values | items := values ]
				passengers: (html jQuery this find: 'li')));
		with: [
			items do: [ :each |
				html listItem
					class: 'ui-corner-all';
					passenger: each;
					with: each ] ]

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