[Seaside] Re: Sortable refresh?

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Wed Apr 14 13:00:56 UTC 2010

Thank you Lukas,

Using the following code, I've managed to get card sorting working.
The card borders change color depending on the column they are in.
I noticed the script: tag had to be last?

Might be useful in the GSoC process...

renderColumn: aColumn on: canvas
	| id |
	id := canvas nextId.
	even := even not.
	canvas div
		class: 'column';
		with: [
			canvas heading: (aColumn title).
			canvas unorderedList
				class: 'sortable ', even asString;
				id: id;
				script: (canvas jQuery new sortable
					connectWith: '.sortable';
					dropOnEmpty: true;
					onUpdate: (canvas jQuery ajax
						callback: [ :values | aColumn setItems: values]
						passengers: (canvas jQuery this find: 'li');
						script: [ :s |
							s add: ((s jQuery: '#',id )
							html: [:h |
								self renderListItems: (aColumn items) on: h])]));
				with: [self renderListItems: (aColumn items) on: canvas]]

The resulting demo looks like this:
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