[Seaside] IVR VXML raw output

Bob N. bobn at rogers.com
Wed Apr 14 14:06:17 UTC 2010

We're looking at providing a simple VXML interface to an IVR system
(Interactive Voice Response).

The interface uses VXML data, of the form...
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml ...>
<form>...some content...</form>
...which we can test easily with PHP scripts.

The IVR system requests a VXML file for the telephone dialog from a defined
The VXML includes a response parameter which passes the answer a URL
parameters, like:

Consuming the answer is easy enough.  We then need to answer a confirmation
VXML to terminate the call.

If I use something as simple as...

renderXmlAnswerOn: html
self requestContext respond: [:response |
nextPutAll: self xmlAnswerString ;

I end up with a response that is very close: it has the VXML content, but it
also has the '<!DOCTYPE html ... body onload="onLoad()">' header.

Is there a simple way to answer raw XML from Seaside without the
'<!DOCTYPE...' header?

>From searching previous posts, no simple solution was obvious.  Hopefully
that's not the case.
Thanks for any help,
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