[Seaside] CSS style not applied until reload

Nevin Pratt nevin at bountifulbaby.com
Wed Apr 14 19:50:15 UTC 2010

> I agree although if you're as terrible at css as I am, hunting through 
> methods to change pixel counts and the like can be arduous, so having 
> all the CSS in one spot is a bit more convenient.

Not wishing to detract from nor wishing to disagree with anything you 
have said-- I only wish to point out that, for folks that can and do 
choose to use the #style method (for whatever reason), they certainly 
can still put it all into one big #style method if they wish.  Or, they 
can refactor however they choose, too.

Also, I'm sure you know that "browse implementers" is your friend, as it 
sure beats "hunting".

> But in Sigrid's case the inline CSS isn't working because the client 
> isn't updating according to the formatting returned with the Ajax 
> response. Those styles need to be in the head section beforehand, so 
> either WAFileLibrary or external files are required.

And if it is required, then of course, so be it.


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