[Seaside] 302 error

Timothy James Ziebart timothy at churchmilitant.org
Thu Apr 15 04:36:11 UTC 2010

Hi all,

When testing my Seaside 3.0 application I get the occasional 302 error 
resulting in the seaside dispatcher page being written where the content 
should have gone.  Does not happen all the time.  For example I have a 
select box:

     html select
         style: 'width: 140px; height 90px;';
         size: 5;
             id: (html nextId);
             list: (db findCodeByParent: model area type: 'subarea' );
             selected: model subarea;
             callback: [ :value | self hoodSelectionChanged:  value ];
          onChange: ((html jQuery id: 's_results')  load serializeThis;
                 html: [ :r | self renderStatusPanelOn: r.  self 
renderResultsOn: r ] )

The div identified by 's_results' is where the dispatcher page will be 
displayed when onChange is triggerred.  The console in firebug 
identifies it as a 302 error. If I continue the server will throw a 500 
error.  If I restart the session and do the same steps the error will 
not occur.   Using Swazoo server.

Not sure what to look at next.  Any suggestions?


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