[Seaside] radioButton #value and group callback

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 10:26:16 UTC 2010


I'm defining set of radio buttons in Seaside 3. My initial attempt was:

    html radioGroup
selected: 6;
with: [ :group |
 optionDescriptions doWithIndex: [:each :index|
html radioButton
group: group;
value: index;
title: each

This generated a set of radio buttons without the "value" attribute. I found
the cause in:

WARadioButtonTag>>value: anObject
group isNil
ifTrue: [ ^ super value: anObject ].
group hasSelection
ifTrue: [ self selected: (group isSelected: anObject) ].
group hasCallback
ifTrue: [ super value: (group callbackValue: anObject) ]

so the fix was to define a callback for radioGroup. As I'm using Ajax to
read the value from the radio buttons, I defined an empty callback. I think
I can see the rational for this line of code, but in my case it
was counterintuitive.

Is the check for the callback really necessary? Could it be removed?


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