[Seaside] pier as the root app? am i crazy?

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Sun Apr 18 17:23:51 UTC 2010

okay, i would like to bounce this question off the list.. and see if
they think that i am completely nuts.. if i am going down a rabbit
hole.. or if i am doing something that alot of people have found
themselves doing...

here's the deal..

i have been working on an app for quite a bit of time here.. and have
learned a great deal about smalltalk and seaside with the help of the
list.. that is great..

one of the things i have found is that i have spent some time solving
alot of the same problems that pier solves really elegantly..

in my line of work, i find that most apps that i code are pretty much
half application wizardry, and half meaningful presentation of

would i be completely nuts to take my current app, and systematically
turn it into a pier app, including the wizardry components as basic
pier components?

this SEEMS like a BRILLIANT way to work on this and on other upcoming
projects.. my only fear is that i have not taken into account some
sort of limitation of this process..

any input would be COMPLETELY appreciated, and i PROMISE to document
my entire learning experience, including why i made the move from
using ruby on rails on everything to using seaside on everything in my
personal site / blog that i am working on right now..



photographer, journalist, visionary


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