[Seaside] Stars widget for JQueryWidgetBox

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 10:25:39 UTC 2010


I've added a new widget - "Stars" to JQueryWidgetBox [1]:

> The Star Rating widget is a plugin for the jQuery javascript library that
> creates a non-obstrusive star rating control based on a set of radio input
> boxes or select options [2]

In adding the widget to JQueryWidgetBox I encountered a problem; Stars works
with the latest JQuery release that is integrated in the latest version of
Seaside 3.0 (JQuery 1.4.x & JQuery-UI: 1.8.x). However existing widgets have
been developed using the prior release of JQuery (1.3.2, ui- 1.7.2) and may
require updating to work with the latest JQuery release [6]. To ensure
that developers
can still download both sets I've added a new version (1.1) to
ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox [3]. Version 1.1 has updated it's dependancy
on Seaside to the latest Seaside 3.0 release (3.0.0-alpha5.11) [4]
To download the latest widget set:

    ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox loadLatestVersion    (this will pull in
Seaside 3.0.0-alpha5.11)

To download the previous widget set:

    (ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox project version: '1.0') load      (this
will pull in Seaside 3.0.0-alpha5.5)

To only load the Stars widget (and dependencies):

    (ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox loadLatestVersion project version:
'1.1') load: 'JQWidgetBox-Stars-Dev'
Thanks to Torsten for help with Metacello configurations. For background
info on JQueryWidgetBox see [5]



1 http://www.squeaksource.com/JQueryWidgetBox
2 http://plugins.jquery.com/project/Star_Rating_widget
3 http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository
4 ConfigurationOfSeaside30 from
6 Superficial results of testing the widgets with the latest configuration:

accessnews: working
allphanumberic: working
autocomplete: working
bubbletip: working
calculator: NOT working
checktree: working
cycle: working
dropShadow: working
epiclock: working
fisheye: working
fold: working
fontEffect: working
formexample: working
growl: working
hoverintend: working
imagedropdown: working
innerfade: working
jeditable: working
jqGrid: working
jqtoolstabs: working
reflection: working
spinner: NOT working
splitter: working
stars: working
weekcalendar: NOT working
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