[Seaside] HTML encoding characters in textInput field

Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Wed Apr 21 11:31:02 UTC 2010

2010/4/21 Benoît Delmotte <benoit.delmotte at gmail.com>:
> Normally seaside do it, but, in the act... a textInput field example
> Achille Talon et le myst�re de l'homme � deux t�tes
> And in the view source I have:
> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
> So UTF8 encoding is enable, but it doesn't work as well as we expect.

Does the adaptor have utf8 encoding set on it?

If you are in pharo, when you go to the seaside control panel and look select
your adaptor, in the bottom window pane, what does it say for encoding?

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