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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 27 02:58:41 UTC 2010

Dear Sergio - reposted

With the Pier-Jetsam extensions, the stylesheets and layout for the  
whole site are set in your choice of top level frame component. There  
is no need for an environment in the main content data, if the user  
happens to add one, it fills it in as a starting template using the  
environment supplied in code by the frame as a starting point for the  
user to edit. So you get to code and update the basic starting  
environment properly rather than having to fight with editing it in a  

Frame components typically provide a themeable look and layout, and  
specific settings such as colours are set in the settings of any page.  
The existing environment and style settings are removed since they are  
confusing. Instead you get theme settings like "header colour".

You can create several seaside applications for one pier kernel  
providing a different frame for each one. So for example you can have  
a /seaside/store and a /seaside/storeadmin application on the same  
pier kernel providing a different presentation for admin purposes.

The frame can get its user editable layout from different places  
relative to the current page e.g. ./environment/layout1 ./environment/ 
layout2 ./environment/adminlayout

If your root component is special "a switchable frame" component, this  
allows you to pick a different frame component for each node in the  
hierarchy so you could put an admin layout/style in the /pier/admin  
part of the hierarchy.

Base frame components are provided for BlueprintCSS based frames and  
the far superior "Content With Style" based frames. CWS frames are  
better because you can simply give your designer the standard html  
layout markup every time.

The old original Pier 1 layout is now available for use as an admin  
layout, where the themable settings are header colour, sidebar colour,  
and header icon.

Now for the bad news, since Lukas ignored my suggestions for centrally  
managing settings from the frame component, I have not been able to  
keep up with, nor do I have the will to bother keeping up with the  
most recent Pier versions, but you are welcome to have a look, and see  
whether it suits your purposes.



On 22 Apr 2010, at 21:19, sergio_101 wrote:

> i am trying to figure out how to do this following.. i can do it by
> page.. but i would like to do it on the whole site, in one fell
> swoop..
> is there somewhere in the environment where i can tell pier to:
> include:
> DefaultCss
> CustomCss
> in every page?
> if i edit the settings on the home page, it will only select one or  
> the other..
> on the sub pages, i am able to pick multiple stylesheets..
> thanks!
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