[Seaside] pier: google webmaster tools/sitemap

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Tue Apr 27 16:06:13 UTC 2010

> Please consider subscribing to the Pier mailing-list:
>    http://www.piercms.com/contact

hmm.. i sent a few requests to join a week or two ago, but it looked
like they bounced back..

not sure what happened.. let me try again..

>> how do i now verify my site? i can't see the meta tag (although i am
>> sure i have to add it somewhere) and i don't see the generated page..
> <https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home> should tell you if it works.

actually, i mean on the pier side.. google can't see the verification
string with either method.

>> also, does this create a google sitemap on my site?
> I don't think so. There is a Sitemap plugin that does that, but I
> haven't tried recently.

it looks like that returns a regular sitemap, not a google sitemap..

i will repost this to the pier list..

sorry about that...


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