[Seaside] Updating a text input with comet

Nick Brown nickbrown at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 29 13:20:11 UTC 2010


I'm trying to create a text input component where after the user has 
typed something in and pressed enter, the contents of the text input are 
replaced by a new string from the application. For example, entering an 
amount of currency - the user types in '5.2' and the text input is then 
replaced with a correctly formatted entry - '$5.20'.

I've loaded the latest version of Comet from Squeaksource/seaside, and I 
can see how the CTChat example is clearing the text input, in 
renderChatInputOn:, but I can't figure out what variation on that code 
would allow me to replace the text, rather than clear it.

Any advice welcomed.

Nick Brown

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