[Seaside] Updating a text input with comet

Robert Sirois watchlala at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 29 17:24:55 UTC 2010

Seems to me you would be better off just evaluating some simple javascript for this. Comet is used to send information to users connected to the same pusher.. whereas this looks like a private sort of thing.

Look at jQuery ajax stuff for this... like (I'm typing this from memory):

html textInput
    on: #blah of: self;
    onChange: html jQuery ajax serializeThis;
    onBlur/Change: (html jQuery ajax script: [:s | s add: (html jQuery this attributeAt: #value put: self #blahFormatted)].

I seriously doubt that code would run... but you get the idea lol.


> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 14:20:11 +0100
> From: nickbrown at fastmail.fm
> To: seaside at lists.squeakfoundation.org
> Subject: [Seaside] Updating a text input with comet
> Hi.
> I'm trying to create a text input component where after the user has 
> typed something in and pressed enter, the contents of the text input are 
> replaced by a new string from the application. For example, entering an 
> amount of currency - the user types in '5.2' and the text input is then 
> replaced with a correctly formatted entry - '$5.20'.
> I've loaded the latest version of Comet from Squeaksource/seaside, and I 
> can see how the CTChat example is clearing the text input, in 
> renderChatInputOn:, but I can't figure out what variation on that code 
> would allow me to replace the text, rather than clear it.
> Any advice welcomed.
> Cheers,
> Nick Brown
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