[Seaside] Updating a text input with comet

Nick Brown nickbrown at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 29 18:00:06 UTC 2010

On 29/04/2010 18:24, Robert Sirois wrote:
> Seems to me you would be better off just evaluating some simple 
> javascript for this. Comet is used to send information to users 
> connected to the same pusher.. whereas this looks like a private sort 
> of thing.
> Look at jQuery ajax stuff for this... like (I'm typing this from memory):
> html textInput
>     on: #blah of: self;
>     onChange: html jQuery ajax serializeThis;
>     onBlur/Change: (html jQuery ajax script: [:s | s add: (html jQuery 
> this attributeAt: #value put: self #blahFormatted)].
> I seriously doubt that code would run... but you get the idea lol.
> RS

Thanks Robert. I haven't in fact looked into the jQuery integration with 
Seaside much, because I haven't moved over to 3.0 yet, but that code 
will no doubt come in handy.

I realize that in describing my problem, I've given a deliberately 
trivial example to the point that it doesn't convey why I'm trying to 
use comet, but I am indeed interested in using it to push strings into 
text input fields for multiple users, so my question still stands.

Nick Brown

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