[Seaside] Does anyone offer Seaside hosting yet?

Davorin Rusevljan davorin.rusevljan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 09:31:41 UTC 2010


I have been running my Pier based blog on EC2 instance for over a
year. The EC2 setup has been created by friend of mine who does linux
installations on regular basis, but looking at it in retrospective, it
seems that creating basic Seaside ami would not be that difficult
especially now when there are EBS based images.

However more advanced setups that would provide SSL, load balancing
and similar stuff might prove to be significantly more complex to

But I guess even plain vanilla Seaside or Pier ami would be a great
thing. Though it would need to be maintained on regular to keep basis
it up to date with latest seaside images.

Also, maybe Gemstone folks might find motivation to publish their
GLASS appliance in ami form as well?


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