[Seaside] em dash ?

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 19:58:41 UTC 2010

2010/12/10 Paul DeBruicker <pdebruic at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> How can I render an em dash in a page using Seaside?

html render: $—
html render: '—'
html render: (Character codePoint: 16r2014)
html html: '&mdash;'
html html: '&#8212'
html html: '&#x2014;'

With the first two you will have non-Latin-1 source code which may
lead to some interesting experiences. The first three will require
Unicode support (won't work on VAST) and are a bit slower on Pharo
(dunno about other platforms).


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