[Seaside] jQuery-->jQTabs

alexandre bp abalonpe at ulb.ac.be
Sun Dec 19 15:54:48 UTC 2010


I have a little problème with the jQTabs, I tried the example code with the
berries but the problem is that the content of the previous tab doesn't
disapear when I click on a new one.
So at the end, the content of all my tabs are displayed on the webpage...

here is the code (which is exactly the same than the one in the example):

canvas div
      script: (canvas jQuery new tabs
         selected: selectedTab;
         onSelect: (canvas jQuery ajax
            callbackTabs: [ :event | selectedTab := event at: #index.]));
      with: [
         canvas unorderedList: [
            self berries keysAndValuesDo: [ :name :description |
               canvas listItem: [
                  canvas anchor
                     url: (canvas jQuery ajax
                        html: [ :h | h text: description];
                     with: name ] ] ] ].

Also, where can I find the css corresponding to the example? I have looked
in the browser but without succes...

Thank you in advance

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