[Seaside] Re: jQuery --> make Tabs

Fritz Schenk intrader at aol.com
Tue Dec 21 17:21:53 UTC 2010

Thanks Alexandre, 
I will be defining a WUserSession as in my image as it does not exist. It will 
inherit from WASession with its own initialize (instance) and one instance 
variable 'currentUser'

"The following is from Cincom's tutorial code - so it follows their namespace 
MyJQueryTestsCategory defineClass: #WUserSession
	superclass: #WASession
	indexedType: #none
	private: false
	instanceVariableNames: 'currentUser '
	classInstanceVariableNames: ''
	imports: ''
	category: '

	"Initialize a newly created instance. This method must answer the 
"Taken from Cincom tutorial's code"

	super initialize.
	" *** Edit the following to properly initialize instance variables ***"
	currentUser := nil.
	" *** And replace this comment with additional initialization code *** "
I appreciate your following and comments.

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