[Seaside] Problem with Seaside: Pharo is almost out of memory

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Thu Dec 23 18:45:18 UTC 2010

that could happen if you have a recursion problem.

if that's the case them you should have in an piece of your code with something like:


	self initialize.   "<-- note self instead of super"

then it'll eat up your RAM and you will feel the UI become as liquid as solid honey (to put it delicately)

what can you do?

1. freak out
2. kill that process (with activity monitor or task manager or sudo kill -9 pid) then open it again and recover lost changes
3. if you have the patience to navigate the solid honey UI you can try to open a process browser and check the seaside threads, one of them may be the one eating all up (try debugging it with cmd-d)


On Dec 23, 2010, at 4:31 PM, ivan rojas wrote:

> Hello,
> This is my very first email, so let me introduce myself. I am Ivan Rojas, student at the University of Chile. As my first project in Pharo and Seaside, I am working on a server that compute metrics (same spririt than Hudson, but more general and with a nicer output). 
> I am stuck on a problem that appears for the second time. When I open my image, I get the message:
> "Warning: Pharo is almost out of memory!
> Low space detectionis now disabled. It will be restored when you
> close or proceed from this error notifier. Don´t panic, but do proceed
> with caution."
> Nothing can be done after that (I tried alt-. but no success).
> My configuration is
> - Seaside-3.0.3-OneClick
> - Windows 7
> Any suggestion?
> Cheers,
> Ivan
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