[Seaside] Re: authentication for seaside

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Wed Dec 29 00:45:04 UTC 2010

Serio said...

<<<is there a separate module i can just install an run with for seaside?
it seems like this is something that is needed in just about every
app, but i haven't really seen anything..

things i would like to see:

ability to create new accounts.
send email to validate account.
send email on forgot password.
update password.
update account information (email address, etc)..

if this hasn't been done yet, i wouldn't mind doing it.. i have to do
it anyway..


I completely agree. The lack of an authentication module has really held me
back from deploying Seaside. I haven't wanted to roll my own, because I have
been worried that - without understanding the system fully - I might be an
insecure system.

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