[Seaside] Two part input.

Richard Durr richard.durr at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 8 18:33:26 UTC 2010

I have Model objects I want users to edit using Magritte. For one of
the MAStringDescriptions I want it asFollows: the user can select a
predefined value from a list or type an own String into a textinput.
Whenever the textinput contains text, I want to use that, the value of
the list otherwise.

I created an own component class with the following methods:

renderInputOn: html
	html select
		id: self labelId , 'predefinedOptions';
		addAll: self predefinedOptions;
		callback: [:v | self take: v ];
		selected: ((self predefinedOptions includes: self string) ifTrue:
[self string] ifFalse: [nil]).
	html textInput
		callback: [:v | self take: v ];
		id: self labelId;
		value: ((self predefinedOptions includes: self string) ifTrue: ['']
ifFalse: [self string]).

take: anObject
	anObject isEmpty ifFalse: [self string: anObject ]

	^ self description propertyAt: #predefinedOptions ifAbsent:[Array new.]

That works, but is very unelegant, since it relies of the order of
inputs, for example. Anyone a better Idea how to update using two
callbacks at once? ^^


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