[Seaside] can't add component page in magritte/pier on Seaside-3.0

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Tue Feb 9 02:44:32 UTC 2010

I cannot set the seaside component class in a new Pier page. I tried 
this on:  (1) the image I built, (2) build #44 from 
hudson.lukas-renggli.ch, (3) Seaside 3.0a5 from www.seaside.st
The attempt yields a validation error:
     Component Class: Invalid input given

There is no implementor of #dispatchCallback (called by 
MASelectListComponent>>renderEditorForGroupedOn:) in images (1) and (2), 
and image (3) has a different implementation (but still can't set the 
component correctly).

Further digging gets me to the reason for the validation error. The 
default WAComponent is not in the list returned by:
     PRComponent class>>componentClasses
I can get past the validation error if I add WAComponent to the list, 
but then it still does not set the component for the page. I'll give up 
at this point, and use code to insert the component page.


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