[Seaside] Little help for callback: value:

Marco D'Ambros marco.dambros at usi.ch
Tue Feb 9 11:12:32 UTC 2010


I am trying to include the getSelection() javascript functionality in Seaside.
As a reference I am considering this website: http://www.codetoad.com/javascript_get_selected_text.asp
In the reference webpage, the text selected by the user is inserted in the text area,
while I would like to pass the selection back to Seaside.

I am trying to use 

SUEvaluator >> callback: value: 

to do it. The idea was to put the evaluation of the javascript command in the value part and pass its result to the callback. However, I am not sure whether this is the right way to go..
Could you give me some suggestion on how to implement this?

Thanks and cheers

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