[Seaside] Magritte

Tony Giaccone tony at giaccone.org
Fri Feb 12 14:21:09 UTC 2010

I'm working my way through portions of the seaside pdf ( really makes it so much more approachable for me). 

I suffered through one of my cognitive dissonance moments while working with this project. Most of it lingering ideas of what is expensive to do in java, vs the way to do it in smalltalk.  Here's my current problem.

I've got an object which has a Margritte set of descriptions and I can call asComponent and get an editor. 

I currently am wrapping that editor with a form and buttons by using WAComponent>>addValidatedForm however, what I really want to do is add a third button to that form.  I want new, save, cancel. 

I thought I saw a way to do this, but for the life of me now, i can't find it. 

Any sugesstions?

Tony Giaccone
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