[Seaside] Problems when using #script and #style Methods

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Mon Feb 22 21:54:03 UTC 2010

> Do you dynamically change the contents of #style and #script or does
> Firefox / Seaside do something funky?

no, just static methods.
> If you manually issue a GET request (wget, curl, ...) do you get the
> right content? What happens if you debug a manually issued GET
> request.
no, i'll try to that tomorrow.
> Not directly but we discourage #style and #script on components. OTOH
> it could be a problem with WARegistry/WACache that could hit us in
> other cases as well. I don't suppose you have a minimal test case?
no unfortunately i don't have such a test. I'll see if I can find out 
more about it tomorrow.
One could however test, when you register 2 documents plenty of times 
with a WAApplication, it could happen that sometimes a request for file 
A can result in the contents of file B...

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