[Seaside] Tasks and reusing components

radoslav hodnicak rh at 4096.sk
Tue Feb 23 11:02:24 UTC 2010

On Tue, 23 Feb 2010, Julian Fitzell wrote:

> I doubt this is relevant. If you're using the back-button, presumably
> you are backtracking some state? Or at least, if you're wanting to
> "reset" components, I guess they must have state that you will need to
> backtrack (otherwise the back button won't work once you've reset the
> component). All of that requires snapshotting overhead both in terms
> of time and space that I think would far outweigh creating a few
> component instances.
> Alternatively, as I read your email again, perhaps your problem is
> simply that you aren't backtracking parts of the components that you
> should be? That may provide what you call "reset" behaviour since the
> backtracked state would be reverted when you go back within the task.

No Julian, I'm just wondering why is there a difference in 
behavior/control flow between creating new instances of components and not 
creating them. My users will certainly use the back button (they always 
do) and I simply want the application to behave correctly - if my task is 
supposed to do step1, step2 and then step3 then that's how it should work, 
without repeating some steps (see my other email with the test code and 

Now, if this turns out to be some hairy issue in seaside internals, I can 
live with creating new instances, no problem. It's just something I've 
stumbled upon as I build this application (feels good to be back doing 
web things the sane way too!).

Regards, rado

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