[Seaside] SUAccordion broken

AA aa at serendip.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 26 06:24:45 UTC 2010

While we're on the topic of SULightbox being slightly broken, SUAccordion is also suffering a problem, specifically when closing an accordion body - the accordion snaps rather than slides back...

The problem is in the SUAccordion 'scriptHide:on' method:

scriptHide: anElement on: aScript
	| index |
	index := self findIndex: anElement ifAbsent: [ ^ self ].
	aScript scriptaculous effect
		id: (self uid: 'body' at: index);
"		onAfterFinish: (aScript prototype element
			id: (self uid: 'body' at: index); 
		duration: 0.3;
	aScript prototype element
		id: (self uid: 'head' at: index);
		removeClassName: 'active'

The commented-out section is the offending one.  (Sorry, I know this should appear in the Dev mailing list!)


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