[Seaside] (New) tree widget in Seaside

Magnus Schwarz magnus at heeg.de
Fri Feb 26 09:55:16 UTC 2010

I was wondering whether it would be possible/a good idea to exchange the
current script.aculo.us tree widget with something more easy to use, for
instance jsTree?

If you use the current tree it is quite hard (for users of your web
pages) to properly drag&drop because parts of the tree "jump around" as
you move one item and you have to be very careful where to drop to get
the intended change.

In jsTree (for example) it is much easier for users to use drag&drop
properly, but:
- jsTree is based on jQuery
- if you want to use jsTree and Prototype based stuff on the same web
page you probably have to use jQuery.noConflict() and patch the complete
jsQuery library (?)
- you once again have the the problem that parts of jsQuery are
organized in sub folders.

Maybe it is also time to renovate the WAFileLibrary in order to support
(virtual) paths and sub folder structures and move away from keeping the
filename in the method name (which was a nice idea for starters) but
inside some other structure (in VisualWorks we can use pragmas but AFAIK
there is nothing comparable in Squeak/Pharo?).

Any ideas/comment?


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