[Seaside] jQuery lightbox prompt

Bob N. bobn at rogers.com
Fri Feb 26 18:22:43 UTC 2010

One more question about using a lightbox...

I use a lightbox to present prompts as a nice modal dialog from a callback.
Is there a jQuery equivlanet?

A typtical use would be...

MyComponentSubclass>>renderContentOn: hmtl
callback: [
string := self somethingFromTheDomain.
answer := self prompt: string title: 'Testing'.
self doSomethingWith: answer]


MyComponent>>prompt: aString title: aTitle
^self lightbox: (MyDialogPrompt prompt: aString title: aTitle

SULightbox works well with WAComponent>>show:onAnswer:delegation:
which allows me to build the prompt string within the callback,
but I can find no obvious jQuery equivalent.

The dialog examples, like JQDialogFunctionalTest>>renderLightboxOn:
build the dialog content during rendering, which is too early.

I suspect it's a simple answer, but I just can't find it,
and I'd rather not code my own since it would probably be a redudent

BTW: I really like the ease with which jQuery can be used in Seaside; very
Replacing my SULightbox is the last bit I need to move my code entirely to

Thanks for any help,
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